A Little Bit of Energy


A little bit of energy can and usually does go a long way. While out on a short hike today this was abundantly clear. It was a few dgrees above freezing and the ice that had formed the night before was falling from the trees and landing all around me. Just one degree and eveything was changing, it was magical being in the middle of this subtle transition. When a cloud covered the sun and it dropped a little in temperature the big melt started to reverse. We being spritual beings of energy have the same type of power but we don’t always think about it during our days with all that goes on.  One little smile to a stranger, one hot cup of coffee made for a loved one, anything with the right amount of energy can change the course of a day for someone.  If repeated enough could change the course of the world.

My girlfriend has been sick with the flu for a couple days, I have spent a small bit of energy trying to take care of her.  I was happy to do it and it was very little compared to the joy she brings to my life. Instead of us bitching about not doing our normal running around on the weekend we spent it inside and as our energy mixed we made the best of it and I feel even closer to her than I did before if thats possible.  We all have our own unique energy and ways of doing things and yours can help change something where it couldn’t be changed by someone else.  I have moved more times than I would like to count in the last ten years and while I have always felt comfortable in these places they were never home.  My other half was able with her energy and abilities to turn my current apartment into a home.  She was able to transform this place with a type of energy my half colorblind self does not have in big supply.  Between decorating, cooking and coming together with me her energy gave me a home.

The little bit or even great amounts of energy we bring to life everyday can have a huge impact on the world around us.  Hopefully we are all doing our best to make that impact positive.

What energy will you bring to the table this week?

Peace Love Das

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