Another Year

Today I turned the young age of 32 and I am looking forward to a new year of living. Last year was all and all a fantastic year. I am using this time to see wear I have come from and where I am looking to go. Even if I do not know where I am going the important part to me is to keep living and keep moving forward. This past year I got to climb a couple mountains, perform a wedding ceremony or two, see a great lake, start to build a home with my girlfriend, hang out with my best friends new born son and all kinds of other stuff. It sure has been a whirlwind, not all good too many people reached the end of their journey this year for my liking but I guess their job was done and they got to go home. This life is amazing and I will continue to put my all into the experience. See you guys and gals along the journey.

Peace Love Das

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