Prayers Without Borders

As I grow spiritually my prayers cease to have borders. When I used to pray the prayers were for myself alone. My world was very small and painful for myself and those around me. My world was small cause my ego was large there was much pain as I thought all the negative in the world was directed at me. Little things, it wasn’t that gas prices went up but they went up for me. As I grew under the direction of teachers, books, music and the influence of many things. My ego began to shrink ever so slightly and my prayers started to go from money, success, houses and such to health and peace for those around me. I eventually started praying for Gods will for me and direction to better myself as it would be useful to others. Things started effecting me less and I found more peace on a daily bases. Over time I started praying for the people I did not like that they might find happiness and peace. I know pray for just about everyone that they might find happiness and an end to their suffering. I try to help people regardless of their relationship to me. I don’t feel we should hold back our love or prayers cause the people are not me, or part of my family and friends, or don’t live in my town, state, country. We are one big family and someone’s suffering is no less important cause they live on the other side of the world.

Our capacity for love for others knows no bounds what are you doing to enlarge it today?

Peace Love Das