Over my life many many people have helped me. From my parents to my family, friends, cowokers and complete strangers. At one point in my life I was at an all time low and really didn’t see the point in going on but a complete stranger completely changed my life with the help of a few others. It tramsformed the way I live, think and act. There was just one catch, I would have to help others once I was in a postion to do so. Today I am very happy most of the time and help as many people as I can. You can always do more but honestly doing your best is what you can do on any given day. I will help just about anyone as long as I beilieve they will help others someday and who am I kidding even if they won’t. People helped me when I didn’t deserve it and was not very appreciative of it so I try to see where people are coming from and lend a helping hand. I found out a couple things along this journey. 1 the people who lash out and cause suffering are usually suffering the most and need the most help and 2 I dont know if anyone benefits from it more than me I have more love and understanding in my heart than I have ever had because of this journey and for that I am grateful.

What do you think?  Will you help others today? A family member? Friend? Coworker? Stranger?  Well for the maximum spiritual benifit I suggest helping an enemy and in the end you will find out you dont have any.

Peace Love Das