Potential of today

Today has the potential to be a great day for just about everyone what we do with that potential is up to us.  Will you fill it with love and compassion will you brighten your day or someone else’s?  Much of the mood of the day is set by how we start off the morning.  Did you wake up on a positive note or just pick up the worrying about problems that only subside when you sleep?  Starting off on a positive note can change the whole feel of our day starting with a prayer or an inspirational poem maybe some happy music can change your whole outlook for the day and keep us focused on what’s important.  Fact is most of the problems we worry about that sap the energy out of life take us away from the present moment which is the only place we should be living in regret or longing for the past, fear of the future will take away this moment every time.  We are surrounded by a lot of negativity these days focusing a lot of energy on what’s wrong with the world, what’s wrong with our lives and what’s wrong with the way we look or feel.  You are exactly where and who you are suppose to be right now stop worrying about it.  Use this day as a gift doing whatever you may do but know it will be better with a positive mindset no matter how it goes.


This is the only December 1st 2012 that will ever be lived go out and live it!  You are amazing person and have the ability to bring a smile to many faces including your own.  You are alive today for a reason many people would be happy to still be here living today but we never know how many more of these days we have so go live it.  Let the love you feel for those around you shine through let the small stuff go.  Witness the beauty of life all around its everywhere!!!!!!! and if all else fails remember that today tons of puppies and kittens will be born, millions of strangers will help each other, kids will take their firsts steps, complements will be made, people will fall in love, celebrations will be had and people will dance the funky chicken.


The day is before you with all its potential have a great one unless you have other plans.


Peace Love Das

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