Winter Dream Come True

Merry Christmas everyone just got home after a whirlwind couple of days. Started off with a family Christmas dinner followed by Trans Siberian Orchestra Friday which was awesome then 2 days in the mountains enjoying the snow followed by another Christmas dinner and a drive home. Needless to say I am a little tired but it was all well worth it spending time with the people you love is always worth it. Coming together with friends and family is always the best part of this time of year, yes there are always some bumps in the road some schdules not working as planned but in the end what will be will be so might as well let it happen. While hiking this weekend in the best snow we have had in these parts for some time I was reminded of the beauty of life just as it is especially when I saw a big white rabbit just hanging out under a rockledge just looking around. Sometimes thats all it takes just open your eyes and look around to see whats important.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and your enjoying the holiday season.

Peace Love Das

Winter Dreams

Winter is slowly creeping up on us and I can’t wait looking forward to that first real snowfall when the world quiets down all at once and appreciates nature.  For most people it last about 2.5 seconds till they start bitching about the roads and all that but it is a nice 2.5 seconds.  I’m looking forward to some time in the mountains with my friends tramping around in snowshoes and sliding down mountains on my butt.  I know I know what about the spiritual side of things well if your in the woods walking across a little wooden bridge over a frozen river and little snowflakes falling all around you it dose not get much more closer to God for me.  If your not into that kind of thing which not everyone is there is much else to be done despite all the craziness surrounding the holidays winter is a time to slow down.  I often think of it as when the world meditates.  If your not a snow person you probably got some time on your hands I invite you to meditate along with the earth.  Really slow down and turn into see what answers you find probably a good idea even if you are a snow person.  Taken the time to find peace and grow spiritually makes life worth living for me.  The time spent while it may seem wasteful sometimes especially with the hustle and bustle of modern life is defiantly worth some attention. 


What will you focus on this winter? any big plans and good ideas let me know?


Peace Love Das