Lately I have been thinking a lot about time with the new year starting its something I think about a lot.  For Christmas I recived a beautiful wood watch from my girlfriend which I’m simply in love with as its something I have wanted for years.  This gift got me more focused on time and intrested in watches as well, so my place has been a lot of me fixing old watches replacing batteries, putting on new bands and the like.  While I don’t wear my new watch all the time, it’s too nice and I don’t want to mess it up, I have been wearing a watch of some sort more regularly lately.  It keeps me more focused on time and reminds me not to waste.  As I get older I know this for sure, time will pass with increasing speed.  While away visiting good friends in Vermont I was able to spend time with their wonderful children and if I ever need to reminded to stay in the moment and use time to the fullest I find that children and busy parents are the best teachers. 

I hope we all remember to use our time more wisely this year, I know I will try.

Peace Love Das