People often ask me what religion I practice. I often answer this one of two ways either none or all. People are often co fused by this. I personally see no benefit in excluding practices from any religion as long as they work for you and bring you benefit then what does it matter where they come from. Hence the “all” response, my practice is not a set of rules set by one religion come to think of it no rules come to mind. Nor is it set on one path with such a focus to say I practice that religion. My practice which is my own brand of religion for me and I do answer questions about it but don’t think anyone needs to do what I do. The best spiritual teachers I’ve come across have always taught me to look within for answers and guided me to get there. I can be found meditating like a Buddhist, praying like a Catholic, chanting like a Yogi and looking for sign in nature like a Pagan all in the spend of moments. All our religions are very similar when we take away our prejudices. Why not use what works for you? The question is not is this religion or that religion wrong the question is why can’t they all be right? What will you practice today?


Peace Love Das

“If God is for us, who can be against us?”

“If God is for us, who can be against us?”, I hear this line quoted a lot also misquoted a lot and usually as a battle cry and I think completely missing the point of it.  I admit it when I was younger and much less spiritual I felt the same way about it I think a lot of people do.  That if God is on our side, and I’m not saying a specific God though this is from the bible, then none of the people who are against us have a chance.  Luckily I got past that stage in my life and that way of thinking.  I know think the whole point of the quote is that nobody is against us.  If God is in fact for us I would tend to think that we are for God as well or rather we have him/her/it in our hearts.  If that is the case then I think we would tend to realize that all things are God as well as all people.  If I truly have God in my heart I have no enemies but brothers and sisters, disagreements yes misunderstandings, you bet but these people are not my enemies but a reflection of God.  Plus I really don’t think God is against anyone, I believe and prefect divine love and enough to go around.  I don’t think God hates anyone if he/she/it did what kind of God would that be?


What do you think? Am I completely of my rocker on this one?


Peace Love Das