Frame of Mind

It doesn’t matter what you are doing the the proper frame of mind will always make it easier and possibly more enjoyable.  I can hike all day and stay up half the night no problem but put in one of my 16 hour work days and I’m dragging ass all over the place.  It’s because my frame of mind is all wrong if I only found joy in my work the same way I do in hiking I would have all the energy I need. If I stay positive the daily grind no matter what it is, it’s just easier.  I try to stay away from the bitching and complaining the kind that comes out of my mouth, other people’s mouths and most of all the kind rolling around my head.  I also try to start my day with some positive music or a prayer, it is always esier for me to get the ball rolling in the right direction if I aim first.  What do you do to stay in the right frame of mind?

Peace Love Das