Tech with a spiritual purpose

So tonight I don’t feel like writing much so I’m using voice dictation on my phone. We have all kinds of of tools at our fingertips these days and they can be used for good or bad most of the time for neither. I for 1 love gadgets and my cell phone is at the top of the list but I could get caught up clicking away typing on this checking on that and wasting a lot of time. So I decided a while back to use some of the technology I have to keep me on a spiritual path . I usually have some sort of special background set up on my phone to remind me of this fact . I also set up a Twitter account short time ago and use that for Spiritual means and it has work tomorrow  I just really only follow people with a positive message or something good to say many of them spiritual people I admire. It’s a never ending stream a positive messages and spiritual tips. I also have my Kindle account synced on my phone with many spiritual books on it . I also upload a bunch of spiritual music.

how are you using the tools you have to bring the spiritual realm into your life?

Peace Love Das