Blowing Sunshine

You may be shocked to know that not everyday am I blowing sunshine out of my butt.  Yes I do consider myself to be very happy and positive person but some days are better than others.  When I look back before I started the path I am on now most days flat out sucked.  I was miserable and if some of the circumstances that happened today happened then I would probably be pissed off for a couple months.  Today I am just not as happy as I normally am but I sure don’t feed into it like I used to.  Ego can not only make you feel better than, it could also take great pride in going the other direction, making you feel worst than everyone else like you have the biggest problems in the world.  Trust me you don’t nor did I, its ok.  Today when things aren’t going my way I just kind of role with it, do what I can and forget the rest.  I could spend my whole life focusing on what isn’t perfect but that whole time I would be missing what is and when it comes down to it, in the end, its all perfect, we just don’t see it yet.


So tonight I will read a joke, say a prayer, meditate, read some spiritual text and refocus and I am pretty sure it will pass.


What do you do on days like these, when the smile fades from your face a bit?


Forget it my cat just made funny faces at me I am back to blowing sunshine out of my butt.


and remember when all else fails don’t take yourself so seriously


Peace Love Das