Spirituality In Action

Does your spirituality help you in life?  For many years mine did not I was more on a fact finding mission. Reading everything I could from every religion, waiting for that magic moment when one of these books would change my life. Yes I was going for happiness not through materialistic means but I was still looking for that magic potion that would transform me. I could talk for hours about one religion or another from Christianity to Voodoo but it wasn’t doing me a bit of good. It was actually doing the opposite it was giving me pride and making me more susceptible to the illusion of pain. Two things happened I read the quote “most people are only as happy as they make up their mind to be” and one of my spiritual teachers told me all the information in the world won’t help you unless you bring it into your life. I at once set my mind to being happy in all situations, I thought after all I have been miserable when everything was going good so why cant the opposite be possible and be happy even when the crap hits the fan. I also started practicing some of the things I was reading. Making them a part of my daily life. A small bit of practice has been worth so much more than all the studying I did in the years past had a positive impact on my life more than I could ever hope for. I try to keep these practices going in good times and bad. Its alot easier to pick up the spiritual tool kit in hard times if you use it everyday no matter what but sometimes we forget to use it until pain motivates.

What will you do today as part of your parctice?

Peace Love Das